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After 5 generations on the family farm, Tim broke with family tradition and moved to London and then Hong Kong for more exciting and rewarding work in advertising and then wine sales.

However, as he experienced the world outside becoming more and more connected, it seemed to become increasingly disconnected, lonely and stressful.

So, he headed back home in search of a better life.

In rebuilding a new life on the family farm; reconnection with nature and simple living became the basis for his recovery and new enterprise, The Farm Camp. This luxury off-grid campsite was created to inspire people to live more real, balanced and simpler lives. Adventures away from screens, reconnecting with others, themselves and our natural environment.

He believes our future health and the health of our planet is all about this re-connection.

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Becky is Tim's sister and recently move home after working in Madrid as an English teacher. She wears many hats, helping with the farm cottages, sheep and the camp.

Passionate about outdoors activities, she runs our sheep herding activity, creative workshops and bushcraft sessions. She also helps in the office, managing bookings and keeping guests happy. 




These lovely ladies help keep the camps looking their best, preparing it for guest arrivals.

Whatever the weather, they bring a smile and soldier on, having a good giggle along the way. Both living in the village, they walk to camp, so their carbon footprints mainly depend on if they accidentally walk on campfire ashes.

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These boys are in charge of pest-control (squirrels, voles, rabbits, birds etc). They consider themselves the essential energy in the team and inspire us to make the most of life, making time to play and prioritise food at all times.

Despite being ‘working’ cocker spaniels, they are mostly found napping or being cuddled by people - when not looking for scraps, wildlife or other mischief. 

Marley - the leggy blonde, is either idle or sprinting. Often found sitting on Waddy (as shown) and greeting everyone for a stroke.

Waddy - the brown bear. Loves balls, food and affection. If you’re a stranger, strokes can be limited unless bribed with treats or balls.