Vive la Glamping Revolution

Glamping will change the way we holiday forever. The concept is genius and has an exciting and sustainable future. I believe it's biological that the Western world will be craving more nature after we realise that our lives are becoming more detached from how we are meant to be. We will seek a world away from busy lives, supermarkets, sterile buildings, traffic, technology and noise when we are on a break away. Opting for a natural place that breeds inspiration, uninterrupted conversation and most importantly a state of calm that we all need from a vacation.

Mention the word 'camping' and most folk recoil with the memories of putting up tents in the rain, uncomfortable sleeps and eating endless burnt sausages. But now, glamping has opened up nature's gate to the masses once more by providing stunning living spaces, comfortable beds and all the equipment necessary to enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle and sacrifices.

It's not just the environment that is important it’s the people that make these trips too. I like nothing more than to speak with locals and get a feel for the place I'm visiting. They also generally provide the best tips on eating out, getting around and where to visit. By using guide books, you often end up on the beaten trail with every other tourist. But by staying with smaller independent accommodation providers, you generally have hosts that care about their guests more, have a passion for what they do and want you to have an amazing experience. Personally, I find this is far more fun than staying in a hotel where things are fairly predictable wherever you are in the world. 

After watching George Clark's Amazing Spaces on TV recently, it proved how much creative flair there is out there too. There were so many incredibly cool and unique places being made by hugely passionate and talented people. Many of these places, you can book to stay in - some appearing on Canopy & Stars, such as George's own Sky Den, which is a tree house with a roof that opens up to expose the skies above (see below)! Whatever next?!

I believe the development of this exciting sector of the travel industry is a natural evolution with infinite possibilities. I’m excited to be a part of this movement and I'm looking forward to the season ahead and our future at The Farm Camp. Vive la revolution!