Blood, Sweat & Peers

Starting up business has probably been the most challenging experience of my life. But I've learned - all you really need to do is work hard, believe in yourself and together some fine individuals to help you out!

I wanted to dedicate this post to thanking these great people who have been so vital to me, while setting up camp. It would not have been possible without them...

Tom/ Howard/ Ginge - Hours upon hours spent on endless brainstorming, emailing, speculating, strimming, mowing, sawing and building... all whilst conversing in fluent West Country! Thank you so much, mate - you're one of life's true Gentlemen.

Jojo - without doubt, my better half. The master of being positive, my daily motivator and Chief Promoter in London. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support when I needed it most.

Dad - Your helping hand, support and wise old head have been hugely appreciated. And all that hoarding of 'crap' turned out to be REALLY useful stuff! Enjoy the new hammock to save you having to trek up to the camp's.

Camilla Handford, Ollie Tunnicliffe & Ed Mansel-Lewis -  Truly touched to have you all volunteer your help and then claim you enjoyed it! Painting, stove assembly, compost loo building... you guys are all made of great stuff!

Vanessa Turner - You helped make my dream brand, a reality! Your creativity skills are infinite with quite the eye for photography too, it seems. Thank you VTD.

Iain Muirhead - The ultimate handyman, where anything's possible. One man can achieve great things after all. Thanks, lekker work boet!

Alex Braid - The man with the massive camera! Captured the camp in action, giving us some super shots to show off to the world. Cheers sir.

 Ella Morisson - The Queen of materials, making the coolest cushions and bean bags for our tents. And thanks for always laughing at my rubbish gags and feeding me so well.

 And many more...  Ryan for your website ideas,  Trish for the expert advice and support,  Mum for the gifts and support, Nick for your poles and business advice, Anna & Becks for your painting, Tom for your Farm Shop services, Simon and Darren for your muscle, Uncle Rich for your drainage expertise, Becca for the website proof-reading, Craig for you plumbing help... I think that covers all of you!

You all have your stamp on camp! Excited to see how things progress now. Keep in touch, guys.

Cheers 'en